The Little Bird

Meet The Little Bird


A lifestyle should define and determine the elements of a living space, not the other way around. The items that we fill our homes with should create an experience that compliments the way we live. The Little Bird is a studio based out of Argyle, TX, crafting the goods that enrich the lifestyle and experience of the details of a home. Every piece is designed and handcrafted by Jennie Neathery. Being that each piece is handcrafted, no two pieces are identical. From the changes in the grain of the wood, to the character of the brush strokes, each piece has its own character and is completely unique. 

My name is Jennie Neathery and I am The Little Bird. I live in Argyle, TX with my husband, Brad, and two beautiful kiddos, Graham (3) and Harper (1). My story is much less about turning my passion for sign-making into a business than it is a story about seeing a passion of mine transform the homes of my friends and family, and hopefully yours as well. 

The Little Bird began as nothing more than a craft that I had taken up as a hobby, in designing and crafting signs for myself, friends and family. Word spread, and before we knew it, we were getting calls from friends of friends and we knew we needed to take this to the next level. So, here we are. Imperfect, full of passion, and crafting with intentionality.

So, why the name "The Little Bird"? Since college, my husband has nicknamed me "Birdie" and I would call him "Booger". Since having our daughter, Harper, we have carried out that nickname to her, calling her our "little bird". We thought it only seemed fitting to repurpose the name here.